B2B Connect Application Form

B2B Connect Application Form

  • Section 1: Producer Details (Required)

  • Please provide your contact email address.
  • Please provide your mobile number used while travelling internationally.
  • Please provide a brief Producer Biography (Please do not submit IMDB links).
  • Project TitleYear CompletedInternational Sales Company 
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    Up to 3 titles can be listed
  • Section 2: Ausfilm B2B Connect Fees & Services (Required)

    For producers interested in accessing producers or production companies based in China, Ausfilm offers a specific membership for this market comprising of introductions, an annual events program and marketing in Mandarin.

    Applications for membership must be approved by the Ausfilm Board of Directors. If you wish to apply for Membership Asia please email Rachelle Gibson or call on +612 9383 4192.

    Producer to indicate which service they are applying for:
  • Section 3: Project Details (if applicable)

    Producers can submit applications without project information. However, meetings are better tailored to those with project information. If you intend to apply without a project, you will still need to provide details on what your objectives are for visiting Los Angeles in Section 5.

    If the nature of your meetings in the USA is to pitch project/s please list project details below (up to 5 can be listed):
  • Project TitleBudgetLoglineFormatCurrent Status 
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  • Section 4: Los Angeles Meetings (Required)

    List the top 5 companies you wish to meet e.g. Feature film, television, streaming platforms. Ausfilm does not make introductions to distributors or sales agents.
  • Section 5: Producer's Statement (Required)

    Producer to provide details on how his/her participation in Ausfilm B2B Connect program will benefit Ausfilm’s membership base and the Australian film industry. You can see a list of Ausfilm members here: http://www.ausfilm.com.au/why-film-in-australia/work-with-the-best/
  • Section 6: Legal Agreement (Required)

    AUSFILM B2B CONNECT Application Submission Terms and Release