Australians at Academy Awards

And the Technical Achievement Academy Award goes to: Australians Tony Clark, Alan Rogers, Neil Wilson and Rory McGregor of Rising Sun Research (spun off from Australian visual effects company Rising Sun Pictures) for their development of motion picture software cineSync, a tool allowing for remote collaboration and review of visual effects.

Best of luck to our other Aussie Oscar contenders Jackie Weaver (Animal Kingdom) for Best Supporting Actress, Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) for Best Actress, Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech) for Best Supporting Actor, Kirk Baxter for editing The Social Network, illustrator Shaun Tan for directing the animated short film The Lost Thing, Ben Snow for visual effects on Iron Man 2 and Dave Elsey for make-up on The Wolfman. Also congrats to Sydney visual effects artist, now based in LA, Joe Farrell for his VFX nomination for Hereafter.