Cutting Edge & ScreenWest present 3D…

Cutting Edge Producer Bec Cubitt was invited to ScreenWest’s 3D Course to discuss the merits and challenges of this ‘comeback technology’. The course showcased Cutting Edge’s unique post production workflows which have been proven over the last 18 months. “Cane Toads: The Conquest” was the first stereo 3D project to be shot and completed in Australia and Cutting Edge were lucky enough to be involved with the film from development to completion. Cutting Edge partnered with the filmmakers in 2008, working together to develop equipment and workflows to finish the film to a world class standard.

Some of the topics covered in the seminar, presented alongside Brett Popplewell, Producer of Sanctum and Laura Sivis, included the importance of involving your post house early in the process, the increased time frame for 3D dailies and post production and some of potential pitfalls that sometimes come up during 3D production and post work.

The Western Australian filmmaking community is no exception to the growing enthusiasm and curiosity for stereoscopic 3D films all around Australia. There is a vibrant filmmaking community mainly based in Perth who are already producing world class film and television work such as “Cloudstreet” and “Drift” and a stereoscopic production may not be far away.