On Set With ‘Terra Nova’: 8 Secrets Revealed From TV’s Most Ambitious Fall Show

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Which cast member did Steven Spielberg insist on? What is the truth behind its delayed launch? The new issue of The Hollywood Reporter goes exclusively on-set with Fox’s epic dino series.

Fox’s Terra Nova follows the Shannon family and other settlers who, threatened with extinction in the year 2149, travel back 85 million years in time to join a prehistoric Earth colony.

The Hollywood Reporter visited the Queensland, Australia set to get a behind the scenes glimpse of Fox’s highly anticipated —and heavily scrutinized—show ahead the series’ Sept. 26 premiere.

Among the revelations from this week’s cover story:

Executive producer Steven Spielberg made his first choice very clear on who he wanted to play paramilitary guy Nathaniel Taylor — the first to travel to Terra Nova: Avatar’s Stephen Lang. “He was always an advocate of Stephen Lang — and he was right,” says Brannon Braga. Another Spielberg note: add oxygen masks. He was responsible for the “rebreathers,” masks inhabitants of 2149 wear as there’s no longer fresh air on the overcrowded earth. That people from the overpopulated future nearly choke to death when they arrive in the oxygen-rich Terra Nova was an ironic twist that also came directly from him. “It was such a cool detail,” Braga notes. “A lot of the ‘Here’s what would really happen if…’ came out of Spielberg’s brain.”

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