Panavision Takes The Bait In 3D: First locally supplied 3D feature film in Australia

BAIT, a 3D action thriller currently in production on Australia’s Gold Coast, has been described as “taking the killer shark movie to the next level.” According to John Virtue, Head of Sourcing and Operations at the movie’s equipment supplier and systems integrator Panavision, it’s easy to see why. Virtue said, “Before the movie got anywhere near shooting we did an enormous amount of testing and research with Producers Todd Fellman and Chris Brown and their crew. As a result, the film’s production values are very high indeed.”

Todd Fellman said, “We approached Panavision to work with us on BAIT because we needed a company with the technical knowledge and practical experience of working with 3D. Panavision understood the importance of extensive research and testing of the camera systems for any 3D project. They were invaluable partners in helping us facilitate this process as well as establishing our technical workflows. Panavision also has a great infrastructure and have always provided us with exceptional back up support so we were confident they’d be the right technology partner on this very ambitious movie.”

BAIT is scheduled for release in late 2011.