SAFC says goodbye to Hendon and welcomes Adelaide Studios

The Hendon Studios, South Australia Film Commission’s home of filmmaking for more than 27 years officially closed its doors on Friday 22 July. The closing was bitter sweet as SAFC prepares to open its new home of film, Adelaide Studios, a $43 million new development to be opened in August.

The state-of-the art Adelaide Studios feature ‘two soundstages, production facilities, a 96-seat screening theatre and Dolby Premiere Mixing theatre’. The Adelaide Studios will provide exciting times ahead according to SAFC Chair Cheryl Bart who stated that ‘the future looks bright – very bright’.

Hendon Studios produced such Australian titles as GALLIPOLI, BREAKER MORANT, THE CLUBTHE LIGHTHORSEMEN and MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME as well as helping to launch the careers of acclaimed Australian artists Peter Weir, Jack Thompson, Scott Hicks, Rolf de Heer, Bryan Brown, Geoffrey Rush and Bruce Beresford.

We look forward to witnessing the films produced and careers launched by the new Adelaide Studios.