Thor: The Man; The Myths

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The box office got hammered this weekend.

“Thor” was the big winner, which doesn’t surprise star Chris Hemsworth. The Aussie actor, a.k.a. The Next Big Thing, says, “The key to why ‘Thor’ connects is that it absolutely refuses to take itself too seriously.”

The same could be said of the down-to-earth hunk playing the would-be god with that big missing hammer, who is happy to separate Thor fact from fiction.

FACT: “Thor” is about getting over yourself and your issues. “Absolutely,” says Hemsworth. “All of a sudden his strength is taken away from him, and he has to deal with the fact that he isn’t quite as entitled when he lands on Earth.” Does that mean he has to wipe that attitude off his chiseled face? “He has to learn humanity, which isn’t easy because he has a huge ego and big attitude. He’s not exactly Mr. Good Time when we meet him.”…

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