The Appointment Group’s (TAG) Global Film & Media division take pride in their approach and level of service provided to their clients. A close knit team who are always striving to further enhance the client experience regularly catch up to share ideas and also work collaboratively on international projects which sees the team liaise on productions taking place in multiple territories.

During a recent team meeting, Alli Pratt, General Manager of TAG’s Asia Pacific F&M operations conducted a quick Q&A to members of our US & UK team to give you an idea who they are and what excites them about the industry.



An introduction to:

  • Michael Dovey, Global Production Travel Manager, TAG UK
  • Michelle Corrales, Production Travel Executive based in TAG USA

What do you enjoy most about working with productions?
MD: The excitement of the first call from a client with a new film, then seeing it build from pre-production with the crew, to then getting the actors on board and then finally when the first trailer comes out and you have a release date after working on post production – all very distinct parts of the process, but all different on every shoot.

MC: I love that each production is different, which helps keep my skills fresh and up to date with the industry. Since it’s not a cookie-cutter world, it requires outside the box solutions and that’s always fun.

What has been the most complex production you have worked on, and why?
MD: Kingsmen: The Golden Circle has certainly been one of the longest productions, but the most complex was ages ago – The Beach – as the logistics combined with size of crew made for an interesting shoot, plus this was before emails were as common place as they are now, so the time difference in Thailand made things extra interesting along with the lack of technology we have now.

MC: I worked on Season 2 of a reality show that followed the WWE around the US. It was complex because they were in different cities every day, filming around the WWE’s schedule, so we had to move a production crew of 50 people at the drop of a hat. All while making sure we could find a place to film and room the crew. It required coordinating many moving pieces and being able to change those plans with no notice. So it kept me on my toes for sure.

Is there a particular production you would have loved to have worked on, and why?
MD: I’ve been lucky enough to work on most of my favourite directors’ films at some stage, and I have worked on Bond films in the past, but I’d love to be able to do one from start to finish and get on the credits – being a huge James Bond fan, or for the same reasons a Star Wars movie. I would love to do a Christopher Nolan film in the future too, as I think he’s a great director and always enjoy his films.

MC: Wonder Women. They filmed all over England and Italy, which are my two favorite countries. It seemed like a fun production, great movement to these smaller towns.



Have you ever been to Australia? If so what is your favorite thing about the land down under? If not what would you like to do when you do come to Australia?
MD: I have, I loved the relaxed atmosphere and beaches of Byron Bay, but also loved Sydney when I visited – one of those places that you see so much on television that you can’t quite believe it when you’re there in the flesh and having lunch next to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

MC: No, I have not been. Of course, I want to see kangaroos just crossing the street, I want to visit the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, as well as, explore the barrier reef!

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General Manager of TAG Global Film & Media Asia Pacific