Deluxe StageOne Sound


Deluxe StageOne Sound offers producers and directors state of the art, complete sound post production and re-recording facilities in Sydney, Australia in a purpose-built and contemporary, client-centred environment – self-sufficient, but fully integrated with Deluxe’s digital and film facilities including DDP Studios and Method Studios.

Filmmakers are able to move seamlessly between DDP Studios’ Digital Intermediate suites, Method Studios VFX and either of StageOne Sound’s two re-recording stages or its edit rooms, maximizing creative efficiencies throughout the entire post-production and critical delivery phases.

The heart of the facility is StageOne with room acoustics designed by David Schwind and Christopher Peltier of Charles M. Salter Associates – the same firm that designed mixing and screening theatres at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and Dolby’s own listening rooms in San Francisco. It has been awarded Dolby Premier accreditation: the highest certification standard available and the final word in cinema sound quality.

With a 96 fader Neve DFC Gemini console at its heart, 7.1 capable and configured for single, dual or three mixer operation with over 400 discrete digital input channels fed by six ProTools systems providing playback of up to 1,000 channels, it is the largest and most technically advanced re-recording facility in Australia.

At over 1,560 cubic metres in size, with a 10 metre wide Stewart THX microperf screen and equipped with a Barco 2K digital projector as well as a pair of 35mm Kinoton dubbing projectors providing filmmakers the opportunity to preview their productions on a large screen in any format including full specification D-Cinema via a Doremi Server with the Xpand 3D system.

Stage2, also Dolby certified, is acoustically-matched and similarly equipped with the option of using an Icon D-Command console and is 760 cubic metres in size with an 8 metre wide screen and perfect for smaller productions or parallel pre-dubbing. There is also a pre-dub studio purpose-built for sound design, near field mixdown, delivery requirements and long-form mixing.

The facility is complemented by large and comfortable client areas and includes seven edit suites, two production offices and two assistants’ rooms with networking throughout the Deluxe facility via cat 5 and fibre. From tent poles to budget conscious independent releases StageOne has proven its ability to deliver great sound to audiences the world over.


  • I, Frankenstein 
  •  The Great Gatsby
  • The Rocket
  • The Sapphires
  • Son of a Gun
  • Felony
  • Tracks
  • Paranoia
  • The Way Back
  • Knowing
  • Australia
  • Daybreakers
  • Happy Feet I & II
  • Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole
  • Tomorrow When the War Began


T (Sydney)  +61 2 9429 6500
T (Los Angeles) + 1 323 960-3600

Angus Robertson (SYD)
Sound Manager

Maggie MacConnell (LA)
Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing