XM2 Aerial

XM2 Aerial are world leading drone aerial cinematographers for the motion picture, VFX, episodic, documentary and television industries.
Ausfilm Member since 2016

Headquartered in Melbourne, with offices in Los Angeles and Seoul, XM2 Aerial has been a pioneer in the use of drones in high end and complex production environments. We were the first company in the world to physically stabilize the RED EPIC from a drone in 2013, and today boast a large number of innovative designs that has culminated in an ability to lift the heaviest of cinematic camera and lens packages, and most recently dual cameras for IMAX productions.

Our team has deep and rich backgrounds in production, cinematography, camera operation, location management and drone flying. What sets XM2 apart is that we design, manufacture and fly our own aircraft. This combination of people, technology and experience results in seamless integration of highly sophisticated craft into the most complex of production workflows.

We have a 100% redundancy and reliability policy, which means we always travel with at least two sets of aircraft and equipment. We have a zero accident record as safety and reliability are core fundamentals and non-negotiable.


Stephen Oh


Natalie Zibung

Operations Manager / Location Manager

+61 3 9568 8458


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Put simply – we know how to translate creative and artistic vision into moving pictures with skill and precision, and the highest level of safety and reliability.

We have operated over the open seas, jungles, snow covered mountains, deserts, rainy highland conditions and populated urban areas. We are certified in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK and have relationships with partner certified organizations in many other countries, giving us the ability to operate in almost any location globally.

Our teams have worked on shoots across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Italy, Belarus, Croatia, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Greece, Vanuatu, Spain, Belgium and Cuba.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disney
  • The Dressmaker, Universal
  • The Nest, Arclight Films
  • The King’s Daughter, Paramount Pictures
  • Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Great Barrier Reef’, BBC
  • Red Dog: True Blue, Village Roadshow
  • Hunters, SyFy
  • The Leftovers, HBO
  • Lion, See-Saw Films