South Australian Film Corporation

The South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) is South Australia's lead agency for the development, support and promotion of the screen production sector. The SAFC combines innovative funding incentives and world-class studios with access to incredible locations, and is your first point of call for introductions to local co-producing partners, crew and some of the world’s best post and VFX facilities.
Ausfilm Member since 1999

The SAFC provides filmmakers with a one-stop-shop; combining funding across production and post-production activities and an up-front Payroll Tax Exemption. The only state agency to manage a studio complex, the SAFC is also the key contact for the Adelaide Studios with sound stages, post-sound facilities and modern production offices just minutes from the CBD.

For projects considering South Australia as a production destination, the SAFC offers locations services including project galleries, recce support and introductions to local Location Managers.


Alan Lloyd

Studio and Production Manager

Adam Smith

Acting CEO
+61 8 8394 2000

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The capital city Adelaide delivers convenience and accessibility unmatched by other cities with a film-friendly culture combined with lower living and production costs. The city showcases modern buildings as well as historical listings for a diverse look of city locations across heritage, contemporary or futuristic backdrops. Adelaide boasts abundant natural landscapes on the city’s doorstep, with white sandy beaches minutes from the CBD and lush bush settings in the nearby Adelaide Hills.

South Australia is a filmmaker’s paradise with an endless array of spectacular locations across unspoilt salt lakes, expansive deserts and barren “lunar” landscapes. But it’s the diversity and capacity for multiple landscapes per shoot day that South Australia is becoming best known for.

Screen Production Investment

Production funding for long form drama and documentary projects.


Funding is based on 10% of the amount spent in South Australia with the final amount negotiated in line with the economic benefits to the state.

Post-Production Grant

Grant funds for projects undertaking substantial post-production activities in South Australia. Funding is based on 10% of the South Australia post-production spend up to a maximum of $150,000.


A minimum of $250,000 must be spent in South Australia on post-production activities.

Payroll Tax Exemption

The payroll tax rate in SA is 4.95% over $1.5m (variable rates between $600,00-$1m) on qualifying wages paid in SA. The SAFC can assist with applying for an exemption.


This incentive is available to projects which bring economic benefits to South Australia which meet specified criteria.

Revolving Film Fund

The Revolving Film Fund (RFF) is a $3 million financing facility providing secured loans to finance long-form stand-alone projects or series that film in South Australia.
Interest rates are based on the 90-day Bank Bill rate, plus a 3% margin. The repayment term for RFF is usually no more than 18 months.


Production companies with a project which will undertake significant amount of production in South Australia.

Recce Assistance

Grant funding up to $10,000 to support costs associated with on-ground travel in South Australia including vehicle hire, accommodation, flights, and the contracting of a local Location Manager.  


Reserved for interstate and international inbounds, eligibility based upon the production’s stage of development and estimated South Australia spend.   

  • Mother, Studio Canal
  • Storm Boy, Studio Canal
  • Hotel Mumbai, Icon Films
  • Cargo, Umbrella Entertainment
  • Rabbit, Vendetta Films
  • Sweet Country, Transmission
  • Wolf Creek TV S1 & 2, Stan Entertainment
  • The Water Diviner, Warner Bros
  • The Rover, Roadshow Films
  • The Babadook, Umbrella Entertainment