Glenn Melenhorst

Visual effects supervisor, Method Studios Melbourne

Recent Work

Game of Thrones ‘Battle of the Bastards’ episode; Ted 2, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.


We did about 70 per cent of the shots on Ted 2: double the number in half the time compared to the original.

On The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water we had to develop a 3D pipeline and approach that was faithful to the original 2D series. It was a massive job that required a lot of testing at Method Studios Melbourne (nee Iloura) and in pre-production, on-set supervision (Georgia, Hawaii and LA), then post and grades. We were working with guys we hold in high esteem so we all felt compelled to honour their aesthetic. I started as a cell animator and believe that CG is not necessarily the antithesis of good character.

Because everything is possible and everything can be fiddled with, it’s very easy to get into a vortex of indecision that bloats budgets and sucks the life out of a film. The best directors don’t let that happen and the best I’ve worked with include Paul Tibbitt, Seth MacFarlane and Guillermo Del Toro.


There are story films and ride films and I wonder how long there will be an appetite for those big rollercoaster films that are light on story and VFX heavy. I like to hope people will want to go back to more simple films and VFX can go back to supporting the narrative and being the medium rather than the message.


We are a small country so it’s way harder to get into the game here than overseas. And people don’t last if they don’t know their craft, making the ‘tyranny of distance’ a good thing. We are more relaxed and pragmatic. You also have to be a chameleon.


A really creative director on a very creative show giving us license and being open to ideas.

I’ve got two floors of people who would
crawl over cut glass to be collaborative.


Personally, I enjoy writing (particularly for children) and illustrating and doing anything concerned with story and art.