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After stunning locations, low production costs, award winning crews and tailored funding support including a recee assistance program?

Look no further than South Australia.

South Australia’s endless coastline serves as a stunning location for a range of television and feature film projects. Adelaide city beaches are just minutes from the city centre and offer picturesque jetties, endless esplanades and bustling squares.


With marinas and palms trees dotted along the coast, various locations can double for a range of US and European settings from California to the French Riviera. Stretching south from the state capital, the Fleurieu Peninsula offers more dramatic cliff faces, fishing villages and spectacular coastal roads where the deep blue of the sea is contrasted with rolling green hills of farmland to offer a quaint backdrop within easy reach of the city. With sunset over the ocean and a mix of crystal waters and surf beaches, South Australia offers exquisite landscapes and light for a city-based production.


For projects in need of a remote or rugged look, South Australia offers incredible white sands and dramatic cliff faces across many of its coastal regions. Kangaroo Island is known the world over as a pristine paradise dotted with natural wonders and abundant wildlife.

On the Eyre Peninsula, Port Lincoln is famed for its fishing industry and Great White Shark access while the idyllic white sand and crystal waters of Coffin Bay is reminiscent of the Caribbean and Pacific Islands.

Lifetime Private Retreats

With lower production costs, award-winning crews and tailored funding support including a recee assistance program, the SAFC welcome incoming projects to explore the surf, sand and sea of South Australia.

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