/News 10.05.16


Di Giorgiutti is the Executive Producer of Features at Luma Pictures, a VFX studio that creates beautiful art and technology for film, commercials and content, located in Melbourne and Los Angeles.

Prior to Luma, Di was with Marvel Studios where she was VFX Producer on Ant-Man in addition to a long list of credits . She was also a key player on a little film called The Matrix.

Di is a big deal in the VFX world and is a key player for the vision that ends up on screen.

Learn more about this fantastic Aussie native who got her start in the crazy world of VFX, plus insider info from the industry, and what it was like being on set in the Outback, along with torrential rain storms,crocodiles, snakes, and long, lonely desolate drives, all to bring the world some of the most incredible VFX.

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