/News 31.08.17


After 10 years with Screenwest, Ian Booth, Chief Executive Officer has announced he will be moving on at the end of the year, opening the search for Screenwest’s next strategic leader. 

During his time as CEO, Ian has been deeply committed to Screenwest and the local and national screen industry.  He has guided the agency and the Western Australian screen industry through a period of significant achievement and growth.

When Ian started in the role, the total value of productions produced in Western Australia was less than AU$22 million. In 2016-17, West Australia achieved a record AU$69 million in production value.

The Screenwest Board see the timing of Ian’s departure as positive. By December, Screenwest will have delivered on the structural transition to an independent organisation, appointed key staff under the new arrangement and will enable a smooth recruitment and hand-over process to a new CEO.

Screenwest’s move to a not-for-profit structure, with more independence from the Government, provides the Board of Directors and CEO with new opportunities to connect and partner with the business community, Federal departments and not-for-profit and philanthropic organisations across industry sectors.

The incoming CEO will be able to drive the next stage of growth and development for the agency including transformational activities to capitalise on the structural changes for the benefit of the Western Australian screen industry and community.

The process to secure a new Screenwest CEO – the first time under a non-government recruitment process – will involve a local, national and international search. The position will be advertised in coming weeks.

Ausfilm wishes Ian the best in his new endeavours.