/News 10.05.16


The eagerly anticipated television series Tomorrow, When The War Began which airs locally from April 23rd is an excellent example of the ease of filming in Victoria.

The adaptation of John Marsden’s best-selling and globally adored young adult fiction novels explores how ordinary Australian families deal with the extraordinary challenges of life under hostile military occupation.

Following the success of the feature film (the highest grossing Australian film of 2010), the six-part television series allows for additional character and story development, enhanced by a diverse range of landscapes. 

Filmed in the Victorian locations of historic Clunes, the lush forest glades of the Dandenongs and the coastal scenery of Barwon Heads, Tomorrow, When the War Began location manager Tim Scott praised the generous participation of the Victorian councils involved.

“We spent a week in Clunes and with the assistance of their local council we closed the main street and turned it into a battle field with burning cars and trashed shops. Clunes has a history of filming from the days of Mad Max and Ned Kelly as well as commercials and TV series like Halifax FP. There aren’t many towns where you can shut down the main street. This was possible here because the highway doesn’t go through the centre of this town.

The Dandenongs region was where we shot Hell (the bush). We needed a remote valley location in which the characters found themselves in, while factoring in the logistics of getting a film crew into such terrain.

We came across this area where we could simply park the crew and walk 25 metres into the bush with an idyllic stream running through it. It was logistically pleasing with a remote feel.”

On finding a location for the bridge, Tim said: “Strangely enough, it’s not easy to get permission to blow up a bridge! Barwon Heads (City of Greater Geelong) were most helpful. Again this was logistically interesting as the bridge was kept open to traffic while we were filming. The sequence looked great – with no damage to the bridge!”

Victoria’s Film Friendly Guidelines ensure councils and public agencies are able to assist with film and television production in their local government area.

For more information on Victoria’s great filming locations, visit www.film.vic.gov.au