Dane Maddams

Executive Vice President, Plastic Wax

Recent Work

LEGO® Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and Injustice trailer for Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and the cinematic announce trailer for Homefront: The Revolution, a first person shooter game from Deep Silver/Koch Media.


The whole premise of Homefront is that you are part of a revolution. We had to tell a confronting story in 60 seconds. It involved a digital scan of a young actor delivering a sobering performance – true to life realism. We used our in-house 24-camera motion capture facility that was also used for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We’re finding a huge crossover from games to film and, more and more, we’re working on large scale projects of both kinds.


Virtual reality is going to become a big a part of how users interact with film. Facebook has access to a lot of big data and its acquisition of Oculus prompted many to stand up and take note of experiential.

We have been privileged to be considered one of the front-runners in VR cinematic experiences due to our pre-existing experience in gaming.


Due to our unique blend of animation and VFX for gaming and film, our main competitors are in North America and 90 per cent of our clients are in the US. We’ve relied on word of mouth and happy clients for our success for the last 20 years of our operation. There’s a lot of incredible talent here and the exchange rate is working in our favour at the moment.


I used to play point and click adventure games as a child and plot twists would make my heart yearn in the same way a good book would for many of my peers. The kind of things that made me appreciate immersive storytelling and gave me goose bumps as a child, made me want to get into the industry to allow others to experience that point of inspiration and to question why they did.


I play video games with good narratives to relax. I love painting with oils. Treating my bulldog more like a human than I probably should admit. Taking my car to Eastern Creek to race alongside my father – Dad has a much faster car but sometimes he lets me win!