Visual Effects Supervisor, Cutting Edge

Recent Work

Powers (TV) and The Age of Adaline.


Powers (TV) demonstrated our ability to turn around work for US television. It was an action-driven series based on a graphic novel where many characters had a different signature superpower. Zora’s powers, for example, were based on her geometric light cubes, as depicted in the novels. There was lots of beat-’em-up dynamics fun. Feature The Age of Adaline required a more delicate touch. Shot in Vancouver and set in San Francisco, a lot of the work was location changing, including several shots of a crowded Chinatown. We also created a snowfall for one long and poignant sequence with lots of slow motion and shallow depth of field, adding to the style and tone.


With productions choosing their locations for many reasons other than where things are actually set, we’re getting asked ever more frequently to change locations, extending set dressing, adding monuments and so on. And there’s no getting away with flat, lifeless matte paintings.


Given the global nature of the VFX industry we’ve got to find some special appeal for our crew. Besides the sunny lifestyle here,

we offer working in smaller teams than larger overseas studios might, involving tasks outside of their specialities. It builds ownership of the results.


Matching people with the right projects and with each other, and seeing them working well together. When they turn their passion into their profession, we all benefit. And I see happy clients. It’s a singular job where we get to mix up the creative and the technical at such depths!


Between work and my kids, there’s only so much left for obsessions. Around here we’re all trying to balance all that studio time with outdoor time.  Queensland has great natural environments, so I enjoy getting out on the rivers in canoes or helping replant rainforest on friends’ properties.