Deluxe is the world’s leading video creation to distribution company offering global, end-to-end services and technology.
Ausfilm Member since 2000

Through unmatched scale, technology and capabilities, Deluxe enables the worldwide market for professionally created video. We are organised into three groups: Creative, Technology and Distribution.

Deluxe Creative makes up the world’s leading visual effects and post-production editorial brands – Method, Encore, EFIM, Editpool, Level 3, Beast and Stereo D. Creative partners with the world’s leading creators, they turn imagination into reality through visual effects, post-production, 3D conversion, and AR/VR.   Deluxe Distribution gets that content to audiences around the world through end-to-end products and services that transform, localize and deliver what you watch, anywhere you want to watch it -  at home, at a theatre or on the go. Distribution encompasses digital cinema, localisation and delivery services. Deluxe Technologies are the innovators building the platforms for modern content. Using cloud-based software, they are simplifying the content management supply chain, so creators and distributors can more easily make and get their content to global audiences.  Worldwide we have over 300 engineers and technologists working across 6 markets to make this a reality. ​

With headquarters in Los Angeles and New York and operations in 38 key media markets worldwide, from Australia to Canada, France to Spain, and the United Kingdom, the company relies on the talents of more than 7,500 of the industry’s premier artists, experts, engineers and innovators.

The company’s Australian operations, based out of Sydney and Melbourne, provide a powerful gateway for local and international clients shooting in Australia to access Deluxe’s integrated network of Talent and Facilities.

Services include: Creative: VFX, 3D conversion; Content Transformation: Mastering, Encoding Advanced Formats, QC; Localization: Subtitling, Dubbing, Compliance Editing, Accessibility Services, Delivery: Theatrical, Digital, Screeners, Live IP, Physical, Catalog, IP Playout.


Rory Lewis

Finance Director, Deluxe Australia
[email protected]
+61 2 9429 6500 (Australia)
+1 818 565 3600 (USA)

  • Aquaman
  • Christopher Robin
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Gods Of Egypt
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Lion
  • Truth
  • The LEGO® Movie