Mill Film

Built on the Academy Award winning legacy of Mill Film, co-founded by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott back in 1997, today Mill Film is a contemporary studio for the theatrical and non-theatrical film production markets, providing world-class VFX for major studios and direct to consumer services.  
Ausfilm Member since 2018

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Mill Film, which is committed to building a diverse and dynamic team, using the latest technologies to create ground-breaking work.

The primary focus for Mill Film is on feature and episodic VFX for major studios for their theatrical and direct to consumer content. Mill Film will also address emerging opportunities in virtual production, real-time game engine technologies along with virtual and Augmented Reality.

Mill Film has studios in Adelaide, Bangalore and Montréal, with a new business team based in LA enabling a truly global presence for its clients. As part of The Mill group our clients also have use of review suites in our New York and London studios.


Lauren McCallum

Global Head of Mill Film
[email protected]

Mark Thorley

Managing Director, Australia
[email protected]