EQ Media Group

With offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, Dallas, Vancouver and Auckland, EQ Media Group is an award-winning global film and TV production services company.
Ausfilm Member since 2020

With a wealth of experience in film and TV creation, both in Australia and internationally, EQ Media Group is well-placed to act as a partner of choice in the servicing of international film and TV production.

They are well-acquainted with all production requirements and are ready to assist companies who want to take advantage of Australia’s generous tax incentives, stunning and diverse locations, and internationally renowned

state-of-the-art studios.

EQ Media offers the below services as an Australian Production Services Company:

  • Production management services including preparing production budgets in $AUD
  • Providing financial services
  • Engaging location managers to scout and providing location possibilities
  • Liaising with Australian studios regarding availabilities and bookings
  • Engaging and contracting Australian cast and crews as required
  • Legal Services
  • Applying for and managing US cast/HOD entry visas and immigration requirements
  • Liaising with Australian guilds and unions
  • Advising and assisting US production companies in utilizing Australian government incentives
  • Managing Australian tax incentive applications.

Greg Quail

CEO & Executive Producer
[email protected]
+61 451 005 425

Lisa Duff

Head of Production – Scripted
[email protected]
+61 412 373 761


  • Under the Vines (NZ co-pro)
  • At Home with Julia
  • Rake (In conjunction with Ian Collie)
  • Jack Irish (In conjunction with Ian Collie)
  • Doctor Doctor (In conjunction with Ian Collie)