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Screen Australia Annual PDV Survey

This month our Ausfilm PDV members will have received Screen Australia’s annual survey of Australian Post-production, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) activity for 2011/12.

With a focus on income received across the industry for feature films and TV drama, the survey helps to inform business strategy and government policy by providing valuable insight into the strength of the PDV sector in Australia.

The information gathered in the Screen Australia PDV survey is very valuable for Ausfilm as we use the information for our work in policy, advocacy and reporting to government. We encourage all our members to participate in this confidential survey.

This year’s survey has been simplified and will be delivered via an online survey form for respondents to complete by Monday 30 July.

Please direct any enquires to Felicity Clive at Screen Australia
T: (02) 8113 1031
E: [email protected]

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