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Ausfilm advocacy communication - Location Offset

Recently there has been an increasing number of inquiries re the Location Offset and likelihood of 30% from our international clients in light of PM’s visit to The Wolverine and subsequent media reporting and Ausfilm has developed (and checked with OFTA) the following agreed set of words to maintain a consistent industry message in relation to the Location Offset for information of and use by Ausfilm members.

“It is recognised by the Federal Government that the Location Offset needs to be increased to 30% if Australia is to be competitive in attracting major international productions, however it is highly unlikely that any future international projects will be considered for one-off federal government grants equivalent to the Location Offset 30% (such as The Wolverine).

A decision about increasing the Location Offset to 30% is being considered as part of the National Cultural policy which is due to be announced between now and end year 2012.”

Ausfilm Members