About Ausfilm

Ausfilm connects the international film community with Australia’s screen incentives, talent and facilities.

We Help Film & Tv Makers

Ausfilm works hard to help film and TV makers and studios find what they need in Australia to bring their stories to life, not to mention on budget and on time.


Ausfilm runs annual outreach programs in international markets to connect with filmmakers and to promote Australia’s federal and state screen production incentives and grants.

We Can’t Help With

Unfortunately, there are some things Ausfilm can’t help with, but we can let you know who can.


Our Campaigns

Ausfilm develops and executes annual campaigns to the global screen market to promote Australia as a production destination, its filmmaking capabilities and Ausfilm members’ services and work.

Our Governance

Ausfilm International is an association incorporated under the laws of New South Wales. As a member based organisation, Ausfilm draws annual fees for membership.

Ausfilm Anti-sexual Harassment Code Of Conduct

Ausfilm has an Anti-Sexual Harassment Code of Conduct which applies to the companies that are members of Ausfilm, as well as the individuals that do business with such companies and/or Ausfilm.

Our Team

Ausfilm Sydney
+ 61 2 9383 4192

Ausfilm USA
+ 1 310 229 2362

Image including seven crew members working collaboratively with camera and production equipment

Ausfilm’s Workforce Capacity Working Group

Ausfilm’s national working group combines government, industry and educators to harness and develop key skills within the Australian screen industry