Steve Cooper

Founder, The Post Lounge

Recent Work

Visual Effects Supervisor on The Butterfly Tree; Co-producer on Bad Blood; Post-production Executive Producer on Don’t Tell; Executive Producer on A Few Less Men; Visual Effects Supervisor on Red Billabong.


Productions are becoming increasingly reliant on post-production to solve many of the practical challenges that arise during the filming process. Over the past five years we have seen a significant increase in the amount of ‘fix-up’ work required in post and unfortunately budgets have not increased in line with requirements.


I can definitely see an increase in the reliance on post-production to enhance the visual experience. Scenarios that would normally be achieved through the clever use of practical effects are now relying on the use of post-production techniques (e.g. visual effects).


I believe that Australian creatives are amongst the best in the world. One of the benefits of facing budget restraints is that we are constantly challenged to come up with cost effective creative decisions that are not reflected in the final results seen on screen.

We have been forced to think outside of the box and
as a result innovation has become one of our trademarks.

Any international filmmaker that chooses to partner with an Australian post-production company can be assured that we are able to provide considerable value for money and produce work of a very high international standard. We are also very passionate about the work that we undertake and strive to ensure that we always meet the highest possible standards without compromise.


My inspiration comes from the opportunity to be a part of the creative process. Getting involved in a project at the very early stages of pre-production and sharing the creative vision with the director and other creative partners inspires me to want to excel in what I do.


I am obsessed by the belief that, as an industry professional with many years of experience, I have a responsibility to pass my knowledge on to the new generation of filmmakers. I love to teach and am currently working very closely with SAE Institute and the Griffith Film School in Brisbane sharing my knowledge with emerging filmmakers as a tutor and lecturer.  I’m also partial to a nice glass of Pinot.