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South Australian Film Corporation

A world-class PDV sector, key studio infrastructure and growing relationships with SVOD services is building South Australia’s reputation as a production destination.


Trust, communication and understanding expectations are the hallmarks of any partnership. And you’ve got to love film and television and be determined to deliver great outcomes.

South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) has built up a number of long-term partnerships that have brought returning business from local companies with an international presence, making film and television for the global market. They include: Screentime (a Banijay company) making Pine Gap for Netflix and season 1 and 2 of Wolf Creek for Stan; and Matchbox Pictures (NBCU) with Deadline Gallipoli. Causeway Films has made The Nightingale, Cargo and The Babadook in South Australia.

China is becoming even more of a key partner. If Time Flows Back saw South Australia’s 57 Films partnering with Beijing’s CHS Media to produce key episodes of a 45-part television drama series in multiple urban and rural locations in South Australia. This series follows the 57 Films feature Speed for the Chinese market. A feature film called Animals, starring Alia Shawkat and produced by Closer Productions was an Official Co-production with Ireland and Sherazade; and The Untold Stories was an Australian/Indian/German production.

Pine Gap

The global market’s desire for returning television series, and the growth of global SVOD commissions in Australia, along with a steady dollar and the all important new AUD$140 million Location Incentive, which has a requirement to utilise one or more Australian PDV companies, is fuelling new levels of international production in South Australia.

State and federal incentives are all-important in the global footloose marketplace and the additional South Australian 10 per cent PDV Rebate is a nice sweetener on top, matched with our world-class VFX companies.

Production funding can also be augmented by the Adelaide Film Festival’s own commissioning fund, which was instrumental in getting Hotel Mumbai financed.

All the Australian states are running their own race and all have their own unique offerings and competitive edge, but it’s important we work together and with Ausfilm, to attract production to Australia. In South Australia we know our strengths and we play to them.

Hotel Mumbai

The ease of travel between different locations is a key strength. You can shoot at the beach in the morning, the central business district (CBD) at lunch and be in rolling green farmland and forests in the afternoon. Adelaide is as much like a large backlot as it is a small city. We have world-class studios in the CBD, and they are just an hour’s drive to the desert.

At Adelaide Studios we have the only Dolby 7.1 mixing theatre in Australia, and a 7.1 grading theatre, as well as two sound stages with a full construction workshop.

South Australia can cater to high-end television dramas and features looking for studios, spectacular locations and VFX and post-production facilities all in close proximity. Whether you want to make Hotel Mumbai, Pine Gap, Cargo or The Nightingale, we can provide great crews, outstanding working environments and attractive incentive packages.

For more information about SAFC’s support, contact:

Amanda Duthie
Head of Production, Development, Attraction & Studios
[email protected]