The Location Offset & the Location Incentive

The Location Offset is a 16.5% refundable tax offset (rebate) calculated on Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE). Additionally you can apply for the Location Incentive, a separate program offering funding of $140 million over 4 years. Funding of $35 million per annum for eligible projects will be provided each year commencing from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2023.

The Australian Government announced in May 2018, a AU$140 million merit-assessed grant which is available over four years from 1st July 2019 to 30 June 2023. Called the Location Incentive, this was implemented to attract international investment that will sustain Australian jobs in the film production and related industries.

The Location Incentive is a merit-assessed grant of up to 13.5% of QAPE and complements, and is additional to, the Government’s existing 16.5% Location Offset tax rebate.

You must be eligible for the 16.5% Location Offset first and if your project is eligible for the 13.5% Location Incentive, this can effectively take your tax rebate up to 30% on your qualifying Australian spend.

Read the full program description and access the application form here.

Location Incentive guidelines are available here.

Eligibility for the new Location Incentive
To be eligible for funding:

  • Productions must meet the eligibility criteria for the Location Offset
  • Utilise the services of one or more Australian post, sound, music or visual effects providers
  • Secure support from relevant state or territory governments
  • Meet or exceed the expenditure threshold:
    • of AU$15 million of qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE); and
    • a television series must also have a minimum average QAPE of AU$1million per hour.

Location Offset and Location Incentive QAPE generally covers the production expenditure for the film or television program in relation to:

  • Goods and services provided in Australia, including cast and crew
  • The use of land in Australia
  • The use of goods in Australia at the time they are used in making the film or program

The Location Offset and Location Incentive is administered by the Department of Communications and the Arts. To find out more click here. 

We recommend you seek independent, professional legal, financial and accounting advice if you are intending to apply for any of the Australian Screen Production Incentives.


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Department of Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts
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What's Eligible

Eligible formats include feature films, telemovies, television series (including documentary, reality, animation) for:

– Productions with a minimum total QAPE of A$15 million

– In addition to meeting the minimum total QAPE spend, television series must have an average QAPE of A$1 million per hour of the finished production

Applicants for a Location Offset must be an Australian resident company or a foreign company with an Australian Business Number (ABN) that is operating with a permanent establishment in Australia. The applicant must be the company that is responsible for all the activities involved in making the film in Australia.


– There is no cap or sunset clause on the Location Offset. However, the Location Incentive Program is $140 million over four years up until 2023 or until the Government advise that the Program has fully committed and expended available funds.

– The incentives are a cash rebate paid to the producer, less any tax liabilities as part of the company’s tax lodgment for the relevant income year.

– The incentives can be combined with state, territory and local government incentives.

– The Film Certification Advisory Board will assess applications including audited financial statements and if eligible a Final Certificate is issued by the
Minister for the Arts.

– Payment is usually made in 4 weeks from lodgement of a Final Certificate with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

– No cultural or content tests


– A producer may access only one of the Australian Government incentives for each eligible project

– Immigration regulations apply to importing cast and crew. Download Ausfilm’s Visa Factsheet in the documents tab below.