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Friday 4th May 2018 – Ausfilm welcomed the announcement from Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, the Minister for the Arts, Senator The Hon. Mitch Fifield and Minister for Tourism, Trade and Investment, The Hon Steve Ciobo MP, that the Government will provide a competitive AUD$140million Location Incentive delivered over four years from 2019 – 20.

Debra Richards, CEO of Ausfilm, said “This is outstanding news for Australia’s crews, technicians, studios, VFX and post-production facilities and any business that benefits from large scale international screen production across Australia (e.g. hotels, taxis, hardware stores, equipment suppliers, restaurants).”

Large-scale international (footloose) productions contributed over $600 million in foreign direct investment to the Australian economy in FY17. With a certain and clear competitive Location Incentive, Australia will be able to secure up to another $200 million per annum in additional production value.

Ausfilm’s recent research, in partnership with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, on The Value of Global Footloose Production* documents the trends and policy measures that shows Australia is not alone, footloose production has delivered positive economic growth in every jurisdiction studied.

The Australian Government has created a positive policy change to enable Australia to attract more foreign productions Down Under. Australia can now compete globally with territories like New Zealand, Atlanta, Canada and the UK who have been highly successful in attracting large-scale productions that deliver significant direct foreign investment into their country’s economies, employ thousands of screen production personnel, grow their domestic screen industry and provide investment into technology and infrastructure.

“This will be a tremendous boost to the Australian businesses in the industry and help to secure those same jobs for our crews, technicians and creatives. This will also provide work not just in our screen sector but also across a wide range of sectors in Australia. It will deliver new sources of revenue and innovation. It also contributes to developing skills and training opportunities for Australia’s crews and technicians in businesses like sound, music and post-production or visual effects. It is a major development opportunity for creative Australian screen talent and will ensure our film and television industry grows in size and expertise like Canada and the UK.” Ausfilm’s Richards said.

Richards said “We are extremely grateful for the Government’s ongoing support of the Australian screen industry. The last three big-budget international productions that have filmed in Australia: Aquaman; Thor: Ragnarok; Alien:Covenant; made the choice to film here thanks to the Australian Federal Government topping up the Location Offset to 30%. Without this competitive incentive, these films would have gone elsewhere.”

* To download Ausfilm’s Report on The Value of Global Footloose Production click here.

To review the Minister’s press release please click here.


Rachelle Gibson

Director of Marketing & Industry Partnerships, Ausfilm

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