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Animal Logic has been captivating audiences with its magic for over 30 years, creating awe-inspiring content across diverse mediums, from TV commercials to television, VFX, hybrid projects, and animated features.

Animal Logic has developed a virtual stroll through the Animal archives in the form of this creative timeline titled Our Story. The talented team offers some inside intel on the life of an Animal, a treasure trove of hidden gems and well-known projects along with defining milestones that have shaped Animal Logic’s legacy from ’91 to now.

Starting with a small team fueled by big ideas and expanding into a big team with enormous ideas, Animal Logic’s evolution is a testament to its limitless imagination!

This article provides a sampler of their remarkable timeline, for a fuller view of their incredible archives please enjoy Animal Logic’s official Our Story Rolodex.

1991: The Animal Logo

Animal Logic’s talented Art Director, Felicity Coonan, sketched out the iconic Animal Logic logo on a napkin during lunchtime inspiration. The design has endured the test of time, standing on its four feet, yet the creature’s enigmatic features leave us wondering if it has a tail or a trunk!

1992: Shell 20th Century

Under the direction of David Deneen, Animal Logic created a groundbreaking commercial for Shell that showcased the future of travel in the 20th Century. This ad follows an everyday experience of stopping at a service station, the twist is that the scene takes place in space! This intergalactic spectacle was brought to life by Animal Logic’s talented team.

1999: The Matrix

Animal Logic had the honour of contributing to the visual effects of the cult classic film, The Matrix, which earned an Academy Award in the Best Visual Effects category. Crafting 100 effects in alignment with The Wachowskis’ vision, Animal Logic’s remarkable work breathed life into this groundbreaking masterpiece.

Rumour has it: that a sushi recipe from a Japanese cookbook inspired the Matrix Code!

The Matrix © Warner Bros. Pictures

2005: Carlton Draught Big Ad

Directed by Paul Middleditch, Big Ad featured two different choirs clothed in colourful robes, choreographed to form a larger-than-life image of a person enjoying a refreshing Carlton Draught beer. Animal Logic’s team created thousands of CG humans for the large aerial crowd shots using software called Massive with epic results!

2006: Happy Feet

Happy Feet was the first computer-animated feature film ever produced in Australia and a massive endeavour for Animal Logic! The team celebrated with director George Miller and the entire crew when the film received the prestigious Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Happy Feet © Warner Bros. Pictures

2013: The Great Gatsby

Collaborating once again with the visionary Australian director Baz Luhrmann, Animal Logic contributed to the creation of nearly 600 visual effects shots in the live-action blockbuster, The Great Gatsby. Let’s party!

The Great Gatsby © Warner Bros. Pictures

2014: The LEGO Movie

Everything is awesome! In collaboration with Warner Bros, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Lin Pictures, Animal Logic brought the world of LEGO to life in the feature animation, The LEGO Movie.

Fun fact: With meticulous attention to detail, the team generated an astounding 3,863,484 unique digital LEGO bricks throughout the movie’s production.

2015: Vancouver Studio opens

With world domination in its sights, Animal Logic spread its wings all the way to Vancouver to open its new studio and kick-start production on The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.

2019: Hall of Fame

After winning the Creative Industries Award in 2014, 2015, and 2018, Animal Logic achieved a remarkable milestone by qualifying for formal induction into the Australian Export Awards Hall of Fame. It was a moment of immense pride and celebration for the entire team. Hip Hip, Hooray! Hip Hip, Hooray!

2023: The Magician’s Elephant

You can’t spell Animal Logic without MAGIC, which made releasing their first Netflix project even more magical! Collaborating with visual effects legend Wendy Rogers (who made her directorial debut), was a dream for the animals bringing the enchanting tale of The Magician’s Elephant to life!

The Magician’s Elephant © Netflix

The tour continues at Animal Logic’s official Our Story Rolodex.