/News 01.05.24

Action Filming Specialists XM2 introduce new shooting techniques to The Fall Guy

XM2 provided a wide variety of camera platforms for The Fall Guy, one of this year’s most hotly anticipated films. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, XM2 worked closely with Director David Leitch and DP Jonathan Sela to ensure all of the epic stunt action was captured in the best way possible.

Drawing on years of experience using remote heads to shoot the biggest action franchises across the world, XM2 were able to offer a variety of tools for each stunt sequence, enabling the creatives on The Fall Guy to choose the best suited camera platform. This included cable cam systems for high speed interior tracking shots, an electric bike to chase main character Colt Seavers, played by Ryan Gosling, on a scooter through central Sydney, as well as flying drones inside the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge as the legendary stuntman is dragged behind a bin truck.

Image courtesy Universal Pictures

XM2 was involved even prior to day-one of principal photography, completing a number of tests on a newly developed remote control slider that was mounted to the main character’s iconic truck. Shooting continued for four months, covering stunning Sydney locations including Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, Harbour Bridge as well as shutting down city streets for intense car chases and crash sequences.

Second Unit covered the bulk of the stunt action including vehicle chases and crashes, explosions and fight sequences. The high octane environment was perfect for XM2 Charlie, an RC car capable of carrying a remote head. This platform was in the firing line, putting a camera where it wasn’t safe to put a person. When Second Unit moved to the confined spaces of a warehouse set, the cable cam system was the perfect tool to track stunt performers as they ran through the rafters. This system enabled fast, smooth tracks as well as precise movements to match the choreography of the stunt performers.

The XM2 team even assisted with EPK capture throughout the film.

An electric bike camera setup was used to chase main character Colt Seavers

As an ex-stuntman, David Leitch describes The Fall Guy as a “love letter to stunts”. One particular stunt earned the team a Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls in a car (previously held by a James Bond film) that the team had only one chance to capture. Flying a heavy lift drone, complete with an ARRI Alexa 35 and Panavision lens, the XM2 team nailed the shot.

“It was about providing the right camera platform for the job. XM2 are remote head specialists and The Fall Guy needed more than just drones. It was great to shoot an action film in our backyard and use all the paintbrushes that our engineers have spent years developing and have been proven on sets around the world.”

Stephen Oh – Camera Operator/Aerial DP/CEO of XM2