/News 28.01.22


We caught up with Heliguy‘s Drone and camera Operators for some of their behind the scenes shots whilst on-set for the action packed series The Tourist.

Aerial cinematography company Heliguy utilised their drone systems to help craft some of the most memorable scenes in the recently released BBC One and Stan series.

Dave Sec, Heliguy’s camera operator worked closely on the second unit with Director of Cinematography Geoffrey Hall ACS during the shoot across a variety of stunning locations in South Australia.

L-R: Tony Driver holding the Inspire 2 drone & Dave Svec. Image by Geoffrey Hall

“It was a pleasure working alongside Geoffrey Hall in the second unit for the new Stan show The Tourist. Tony and I used our Heliguy drone systems, enabling us to achieve smooth vehicle shots.”

Dave Svec – Heliguy camera operator
L-R: Dave Svec, Tony holding the Inspire 2 drone and Geoffrey Hall
L-R: Dave, Tony with the Inspire 2 drone and Geoffrey Hall

“We worked out of Hawker (in South Australia) at a private property nicknamed ‘the dust bowl’. In the pics we were taking direction from Geoffrey Hall. We worked with the the stunt action team on the main truck car chase sequence. We were brought in as high-action specialists.”

Tony Driver – Heliguy drone operator
Geoffrey Hall. Image by Tony Driver
Tony Driver holding the Inspire 2

Feature Image: Dave Svec. Image by Tony Driver