/News 26.08.19


Following the global launch of the series trailer, Beyond Productions has released further information about the six investigators who are due to feature in the ground-breaking Facebook Watch Original documentary series Curse of Akakor.

The team includes:

  • Paul Connolly, a fearless Irish journalist who frequently goes undercover to expose outlaw gangs
  • Former FBI Agent Bobby Chacon, who in an almost 30-year career investigated some of America’s most high-profile crimes
  • Brennon Edwards, a self-confessed tech geek who specializes in piloting drones in some of the world’s most extreme environments
  • Megan Hine, a world-renowned British survival expert, expedition guide and author of the book “Mind of a Survivor”
  • Dr. Karina Oliani, a Brazilian wilderness doctor and global adventurer who has summited Mt Everest twice
  • Dr. Martin Pepper, an Arizona geologist whose quest to solve geological and archaeological mysteries have taken him to the High Andes, the Tibetan Plateau and the jungles of Papua New Guinea

The team will venture deep into the Amazon jungle in search of a lost city and the answer to the chilling question: ‘Why do adventurers who chase the Akakor legend go missing?’ Curse of Akakor premieres on Sunday, August 11 with episodes dropping weekly at 1pm PT / 4pm ET on Facebook Watch. Then tune in Saturdays for a Facebook Live discussion at 1pm PT / 4pm ET beginning August 17.

The series revolves around the mystery of three explorers on separate expeditions who disappeared in the 1980s while seeking a city of gold called Akakor and its sister city, Akahim, as well as the peculiar murder of the author of the definitive book on the lost city. For almost 40 years, the disappearances and murder have remained unexplained.

“At the core of this series is a mystery almost too strange to believe,” said Beyond Productions EVP John Luscombe. “To unravel it, we sent our team of six highly trained specialists into some of the most unexplored corners of the Amazon jungle.”

Armed with the latest technology and guided by ancient clues, an international team comprised of a geologist, survival expert, former FBI agent and more, follow in the footsteps of those ill-fated explorers to search for evidence of the clandestine cities and discover what happened to the voyagers who never returned.

The mystery required a truly global investigation that spanned Peru, Brazil, the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, and some of the most remote corners of the world where the 40-person production team encountered flash floods, tropical diseases and deadly snakes. The production totalled more than 200 flights, over 2000 boat miles and almost 2000 pounds of gear to capture footage shot entirely in 4K.

“We knew this would be a wild ride,” said Beyond Productions EP Nick Long. “But the deeper we went, the darker and more intriguing the secrets became. Unexplained deaths, bizarre coincidences, rumors of deadly conspiracies – you name it, this story has it. With the series launching on August 11, we’re ready for the audience to come along on that same ride with us.”

Throughout the series, viewers can share their own theories on  Curse of Akakor page allowing our worldwide Facebook community of sleuths an opportunity to help solve the mystery and give their take on the events as they unfold.

The series is produced by Beyond Productions and executive produced by John Luscombe and Nick Long.