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Gabrielle Jones has left an indelible mark on the Gold Coast’s screen sector during her four-year tenure as the Film and Television Advisor for the City of Gold Coast. Through her strategic planning, investment, and program management efforts, she has successfully positioned the city as a leading destination for film and television production, with world-class studios, diverse locations and experienced crew.

During her time in the role, Gabrielle conducted thorough analyses of the business, infrastructure, and skills gaps within the Gold Coast’s screen sector. Her findings were instrumental in identifying and addressing key issues, ultimately paving the way to the successful development of the Screen Attraction Program and facilitating the industry’s growth.

“With Gabrielle’s background of being a producer and working in the industry, she brought a wealth of knowledge to the department and created some great initiatives that the industry has benefited from. She is well respected in the Gold Coast Film community and leaves a great legacy.”

Lynne Benzie, Village Roadshow Studios

“Gabrielle has been such an effective and passionate advocate for Gold Coast’s screen industry. In the past four years, she has brought a unique insight to the council that only an industry practitioner can provide. This came with warmth and care to ensure it was beneficial to the council, the Gold Coast, the Queensland community, and the greater industry.
From all of us at Cutting Edge, we thank Gabs for her commitment to screen advocacy and helping us to grow the post sector on the Gold Coast, something we shared her enthusiasm for. We look forward to continuing her legacy and framework for the next generation on the coast.”

Marcus Bolton, Head of Features & Television, Cutting Edge

On behalf of the Australian Screen Industry, Ausfilm extends sincere gratitude to Gabrielle Jones for her remarkable leadership and dedication in driving the growth and success of the Gold Coast’s screen sector. Her contributions have not only benefited the local economy but have also established the region as a leading destination for film and television production.

“I’ve had an incredible four years at the City of Gold Coast working with the local, national and international industry during a huge time of change and growth in the sector. It’s been a privilege to work with so many amazing production companies, steer initiatives that support the industry and collaborate with those who dedicate their waking hours to getting those stories on screens. A big thank you to those who have made my time in this role such a rewarding and enjoyable experience.”

Gabrielle Jones

Gabrielle’s four-year tenure concludes on March 3rd, 2023.

The City of Gold Coast can be contacted via: [email protected]
+61 7 5581 7269

Feature image: L-R: Lynne Benzie (Village Roadshow Studios), Duncan Jones (Myriad Studios), Naomi Wenck (Screen Queensland), Gabrielle Jones at Ausfilm Week 2022