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When Hollywood actress Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy) found herself happily stranded in Perth, Western Australia during the COVID-19 Pandemic, she reached out to Screenwest to learn more about and support the local screen industry.

Screenwest too the opportunity to ask what she loved most about the state and if she could see herself bringing projects to shoot in Australia’s biggest state.

What have you loved most about your time in Western Australia?

It’s so incredibly beautiful here!  The ocean, the Norfolk pine trees, the chatty Cockatoos that wake me up every morning.

What has been the most unique or stunning location you have visited whilst in Western Australia?

I haven’t gotten to travel up north yet, and I’m really anxious to explore all of WA but I did get a chance to see the Margaret River region before the quarantine, and the beaches down there were so stunning and pristine.  I particularly enjoyed hiking the Injidup section of the cape track. I also go to climb the Gloucester tree, which was terrifying but totally worth the view!

What type of screen projects do you think Western Australia could support?

I think WA is so rich and diverse in regard to its myriad of locations, but I really believe you could shoot [large scale] film and television here with soundstages.  I know there is a lot of local WA talent in all aspects of production, and there is a massive opportunity to expand and grow that talent from within and in so doing grow jobs and the economy here.  

Would you like to bring film or TV projects to Western Australia?

Yes.  I’m actively working on bringing a couple of different series here to WA!

What do you think Western Australia has to offer as a filming location, that’s completely unique?

As I said, the myriad of locations, the diverse ecosystems and the welcoming climate are a strong and enticing reason to shoot here, as well as how the state has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.  I believe we could safely go to work here.

Would you ever consider moving permanently to WA?


With Western Australia’s state borders currently still closed and currently no community spread of COVID-19, life in Western Australia is starting to return to normal. Documentary and factual production has already been underway for close to a month, and drama productions are preparing to recommence in the near future.

With renewed State Government investment of $16 million into the Western Australian Screen Fund, a resounding endorsement from Kate Walsh, an Australia’s COVID-Safe Production Guidelines in place, Western Australia’s screen industry’s future is brighter than ever!

To request a location package or to find out more information about filming in Western Australia please contact Screenwest Production Attraction and Services Manager Gabrielle Cole.

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