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The Rebel Fleet is creating tools and pipelines to capture, collate and deliver valuable metadata that transforms and empowers the creative process throughout productions.

Led by CEO Mike Urban, The Rebel Fleet offers a connected workflow and ecosystem that delivers value in every stage of production.

In pre-production, The Rebel Fleet can assist by establishing workflows early, supporting through planning and implementation.

When it’s time to shoot, the team can go to your location ahead of the crew and set up on-location networking and internet to ensure a robust and reliable network for smooth workflows during shooting

On top of networking, The Rebel Fleet’s Video Assist, DIT and Dailies services ensure the Director, DoP and other crew can see shots across multiple locations, manage on-set colour correction and assess production progress, quality and continuity.

Courtesy of The Rebel Fleet.

Remote clip delivery through Moxion enables off-set stakeholders to stay up to date on the latest footage and collaborate from afar, crucial when travel is strictly limited.

Lastly, the complete ecosystem empowers the whole crew to actively record metadata against each clip on their devices. This metadata is centrally stored and related back to relevant footage, removing silos and creating a single source of truth for important information that your VFX, editorial and post teams can rely on.

When a production wraps and contractors disperse, valuable information that may not have been adequately recorded or related back to the whole production can be lost, confused or out of reach. The Rebel Fleet’s metadata pipeline utilises Moxion to ensure all information is captured, collated and contextualised to avoid disruptions and delays further along the production.

Courtesy of The Rebel Fleet.

By enabling productions to capture and evaluable real and relevant data, The Rebel Fleet maximises creative freedom, informs crucial business decisions and minimises the technological undertaking of the production team. The result is a more efficient production, with less risk of disruption or delays and simplified workflows that allow the creative vision to come to life smoothly.

Wherever your production needs support, The Rebel Fleet can provide scalable and modular services including Video Assist, DIT and Dailies, that deliver value where you need it, with none of the fat.

From their Southport office, equipped with impressive bandwidth capabilities, The Rebel Fleet have quick access to countless shooting locations in the Gold Coast, or are available to work out of office, on location anywhere in Australia.

The Rebel Fleet has supported Australia-based productions since 2017, and has contributed to international productions shooting in Australia such as Love and Monsters, Escape from Spiderhead and season 2 of The Wilds.

Courtesy of The Rebel Fleet.

To learn more about how The Rebel Fleet can enhance your production, visit their website and get in touch.

Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of The Rebel Fleet.

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