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Screen NSW presents the majestic Stockton Sand Dunes in the Worimi Conservation Lands in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia, which are considered one of Australia’s most striking locations.

Courtesy of Destination NSW
Courtesy of Destination NSW

These ever-shifting, Sahara-like dunes, are located approximately 2.5hrs north of Sydney in the Hunter Region, where they stretch from Stockton to Anna Bay, covering 10,378 acres, 4,448 acres of which are forest, as well as approximately 20 miles of the longest moving sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. These stunning dunes reach heights of over 98 ft with slopes of up to 60 degrees to form a breathtaking and monumental landscape.

Courtesy of Screen Hunter
Scenic sandscapes across the Stockton Bight Sand Dunes on Worimi Conservation Lands, Anna Bay. Credit: Destination NSW

Traditionally, the Worimi (Warrimay) people used Stockton Bight (where the sand dunes hug the beautiful coastline) to travel between the northern and southern parts of the Worimi Conservation Lands (WCL). They are known today as Birubi Point to the north, and Stockton to the south.

Courtesy of Destination NSW
The expansive Stockton Bight Sand Dunes, Port Stephens. Credit: Destination NSW

Who owns the Stockton Sand Dunes?

The Worimi Nation, the traditional owners of the Dunes, have been on ‘Country’ since time immemorial and remain the traditional custodians of a large area of land, including the Dunes.

Courtesy of Destination NSW

According to Worimi Conservation Lands’ information, “the Worimi Nation was home to 18 clan groups or ‘ngurras’, with the Worimi Conservation Lands falling within the area of the Maiangal ngurra. All spoke the Gathang language.

Much of Worimi Country has changed dramatically since 1788, and dispossession has had significant impacts on Worimi people and their culture.  As a result, the granting of the freehold title over the WCL means it is of particular significance to the Worimi. It is an area where the protection of Worimi cultural values has priority in Australian law, where decisions affecting Worimi Country and culture are made by Worimi people through their majority representation on the Board of Management, and where Worimi traditional owners are employed to implement these decisions.”  

Who has filmed at the Stockton Sand Dunes?

Farscape. Courtesy of Matt Carroll

The Worimi are very supportive of filmmakers, reflected in the fact that these magnificent dunes have been featured in many productions over the years. They have played host to music videos productions for Beyonce, Russell Crowe, Daniel Johns (Silverchair); to the telemovie, Sahara and the TV series, Farscape, Home and Away and Top Gear, just to name a few.

Farscape. Courtesy of Matt Carroll
Credit: Ben Allan

Who do you contact to film there?

The Worimi have a relationship with Screen Hunter, the Regional Film Office in the area, whereby the Office handles their permitting.

For further information on filming at the Stockton Sand Dunes, please contact:
Ray Owen 
Manager, Screen Hunter
Film Industry Partners
Hunter Joint Organisation
M: + 61 423 020 191
E: [email protected]

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