/News 25.07.19


Columbia Pictures’ Men in Black: International continues the original franchise’s inventive tone, pairing new recruit Agent M (Tessa Thompson) with veteran Agent H (Chris Hemsworth).

Director F. Gary Gray blends comedy, sci-fi and adventure as the duo encounter eye-popping aliens and exotic locales to uncover a mole in the Men in Black organisation. To help realise the film’s extensive extraterrestrial cast, supercharged firepower and large-scale reveals, Production VFX Supervisors Jerome Chen and Daniel Kramer enlisted several VFX studios, including Method Studios, which assembled three teams of artists around the world to handle the work.

Led by Method VFX Supervisor Glenn Melenhorst, Method’s Melbourne team helped bring a number of the film’s aliens to life, including feather-headed thug Luca and his three-armed boss Riza.

“Building and animating Luca was both a technical and artistic challenge. We extracted and matched the facial performance from the actor, then made sure those subtleties read correctly on the alien’s CG face. Also, remapping the actor’s clothing onto a larger body type required finesse. We opted for a 2D projection approach, occasionally doing full CG replacement of his clothing.”

Method VFX Supervisor Glenn Melenhorst

The handiwork of Melenhorst and his team also includes sequences with pint-sized scene-stealer Pawny, a full CG creation, as well as the powerful black hole gun and the resulting Grand Canyon-esque crater that it leaves in the Sahara when fired.

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