/News 23.03.21


Whilst we all have had some fun dealing with WFH and the challenges it brings, the industry continues to seek Method Studios out as a partner on a variety of shows.

We are currently in production on shows for Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Sony, New Line Cinema, Netflix and Marvel amongst others. 

The challenges that come with multiple projects are being met by our wonderful and committed team and the results seem to at worst, meet expectations and in most cases exceed. 

And this month Method was nominated for a VES Award in the category of “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature” for our work on The Witches. This was an extremely important project for Method as the work was shared around the world with our sister companies in Montreal, Vancouver and Pune. 

On a broader note, at Method, we are extremely excited by the significant production activity in Australia. The US studios are recognising, what we already knew, that Australia is a great destination for filmmakers with world-class crews across production, post-production, VFX and animation. And as parochial Melbournians, we look forward to the very significant addition of a state of the art 40,000 sq ft stage which includes a 900,000 litre sub-floor tank at Docklands Studios Melbourne.  It can only be good for business in Melbourne!

To all our clients, suppliers, partners and importantly ‘team’ thank you for your trust, opportunities and commitment through a unique period in our VFX lives!

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