/News 30.10.23

Myriad Studios reveal mobile cyber scanning rig

Myriad Studios has launched the world’s latest mobile cyber scanning rig. Nicknamed Bumblebee, for its dynamic and transforming capabilities, the truck based studio offers cutting-edge scanning technologies to deliver the highest quality 3D digital doubles.

Bumblebee’s cyber scanning rig is designed to generate highest detail mesh and texture data of cast and props on location. Every requirement has been considered in the truck’s design with OLAT and FACS being standard inclusions.

Myriad’s truck provides the team a sophisticated platform from which to scan environments, sets, props, and process all on location. In addition to cyber scanning, Bumblebee is fully equipped with Myriad’s LiDAR scanners, texture/HDRI packages and drone scanning rigs, offering a complete solution for on-set VFX support.

The truck is fully equipped with cameras and scanners

“We’ve worked hard as a team to take all the on-set needs of productions and vendors, in terms of scanning and capture requirements, and rolled them into one,” explained Myriad Studios’ CEO Duncan Jones. “It’s like an aircraft carrier for VFX. Fully self-contained, we can fly-in and fly-out, capable of working anywhere at any time.”

To ensure perfect capture of cast of all sizes, Bumblebee expands to 10ft (3.3m) wide and can accommodate cast up to 7ft (2.2m) tall. Fitted with two high spec processing workstations and onboard satellite internet, Myriad can maintain workflow at all times, everywhere. To avoid camera shake Bumblebee’s 15-tons has underboard self-levelling legs for added stability.

The internal OLAT scanner

But wait, there’s more! Myriad’s Bumblebee is fitted with its own kitchenette complete with running fresh water, a microwave, fridge, two air-conditioners and office space, all powered by a 1100w solar and lithium battery bank. Further, recognising the need for inclusivity in the workplace Myriad has also added wheelchair accessibility. Fitted to the back of the truck, cast and crew can access the cyber scanner via a 600lbs (300kg) wheelchair lift.

The truck expands out for extra space, with wheelchair access available via the back of the truck.

Whether the location is inner-city Sydney or Melbourne, to extreme remote locations such as outback Northern Territory and Western Australia, Myriad’s Bumblebee is a one-stop solution for all scanning, processing, and modelling needs across Australia.

“We are no longer limited by location and the weather,” says Duncan, “now we can work anywhere, regardless of the season, weather and terrain.”

Myriad also offers on-location LiDAR scanning

With these onboard capabilities, individual workstations, and the team’s pride in attention to detail and reliability, Myriad Studios is the premier team when it comes to VFX scanning support in Australia.

Check out the video tour of the new portable cyber scanning rig below: