/News 01.03.22


XM2 Pursuit’s Dual operator FPV (first person view) drones combine the best of both worlds with a fast, agile aircraft and the ability for a Camera Operator to frame up a shot independently of the drones orientation.

Shown here is the RED Komodo on the DJI Ronin 2, mounted to our custom-built XM2 X8 Interceptor.
This is equipped with the DJI 3D Focus module on the Canon L Series 24mm f1.4 lens to keep the subject sharp as a tack.

Developed in house by the XM2 Labs team of pilots and engineers, this set-up is perfect for chasing high-speed subjects and action sequences.

“Our CASA approval for extended visual line of sight operations means that we are one of the only operators in Australia that have the experience and capability to carry out FPV operations.”

Aaron Corera, Safety and Maintenance Officer