/News 20.12.19


Screen NSW has published the guidelines and application form for the new NSW Post Digital & Visual Effects (PDV) Rebate.

The Rebate is available for PDV projects that spend at least $500,000 on PDV in NSW.  It complements the Australian Government’s PDV, Producer and Location Offsets, and Location Incentive and may be combined with any of those incentives. 

Eligible formats for the Rebate are:

Fiction –  feature films, telemovies, mini-series, series and pilots

Documentary –  feature films, television one-offs or series

To be eligible, projects must be registered with Screen NSW through the Smarty Grants portal. Only PDV work undertaken after the date of registration will be eligible for the Rebate. However, as a one-off exception, PDV work undertaken in NSW on or after 1 October 2019 will be eligible provided the project is registered by 14 February 2020.

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