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Pacific Rim Uprising is the latest visually stunning, action movie to come out of Hollywood and XM2 Aerial are proud of their involvement and participation in multiple cities around the world.

Following the global box office success of Pacific Rim in 2013, Pacific Rim Uprising sees the mighty Jaegers of the PPDC face off once again against the beastly Kaiju in a battle to save humanity.

The film stars John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Jing Tian and newcomer Cailee Spaeny as well as returning cast Charlie Day and Burn Gorman. XM2 was involved in shooting in Sydney, the Gold Coast and Brisbane in Australia and Seoul and Busan in South Korea. The film draws heavily on visual effects capabilities to incorporate the Kaiju and Jaegers into well-known locations around the world.

Shooting for Pacific Rim Uprising initially took place in Sydney, with a closed set created in Homebush. Better known as the home of the Sydney Olympics in 2000, it was transformed into a massive blue screen enabling the capture of footage for VFX editing in post-production. The set was a base for hundreds of cast and crew for a number of months and XM2 developed a close working relationship with the other teams present. Previous experience on large scale films meant that the XM2 crew was able to fit seamlessly into the on-set workflow.

In addition to the closed set work, XM2 operated in a number of high profile locations within Sydney including Circular Quay to capture the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, Darling Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens. These locations provide a picturesque setting for operations as well as familiar backdrops for action during the film.

The challenge was to capture footage from the perspective of the Kaiju and Jaeger, who stand at the height of the surrounding skyscrapers. Drones provided the perfect solution as they can achieve the necessary height while the XM2 pilots were able to maintain the fine level of control required in order to capture intricate movements.

Stephen Oh on the set of Pacific Rim Uprising. Credit Courtesy: XM2 Aerial


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