/News 09.08.21


Environmental sustainability is an increasingly popular topic in the world of filmmaking and is taking centre stage as more studios commit to eco-friendly production processes to make a positive impact and help protect our environment.

With the right planning and right partners in place, becoming a sustainable production is an achievable goal with benefits that far outreach the environment.

There are three main ways you can help to protect our environment: Reduce, Renew, Recycle.

As travel specialists, here at TAG we work across all three areas. We can help you make smart, practical and environmentally responsible decisions that mitigate, reduce, and offset your productions carbon footprint caused by travel.

Together with our partners, we can help support your vision to reduce your carbon footprint, by giving accurate and up to date carbon offset reports for your productions’ travel.


  • Our partners can help you focus on working with the best suppliers to help you reach your footprint reduction targets
  • Carbon emissions are often directly proportional to cost, so by making Production activities more efficient, they can not only become more sustainable but also more cost-effective
  • Improved route planning


  • Our partners offer an in-depth analysis of Production, air, hotel, and transportation emissions
  • Our partner’s carbon footprint software is extremely accurate and they are able to work with and provide efficiency planning and mapping for production travel and supply chain management


  • We partner with various companies to offset these omissions through carefully selected environmental projects
  • Projects include clean energy technologies, purchasing carbon credit, and tree planting, just to name a few

TAG’s Green Filmmaking Tips

As well as working with a sustainability-focused travel provider, there are many other ways to become a sustainable filmmaker. Green filmmaking is a relatively new but much-needed concept. Here are some of our other tips to help your production on the journey to sustainability:

  • Use recycled materials for making sets
  • Designate recycling, trash and compost
  • Ban the use of plastic water bottles on set and use reusable bottles and use refill stations instead
  • Carpool
  • Support the local community by finding local restaurants & catering services for meals
  • Choose renewable energy sources
  • Conserve energy by powering down when not in use
  • Use Teams or Zoom for long-distance meetings
  • Partner with companies who focus on sustainable measures (TAG use ESG criteria in supplier selections)
  • Financial incentives for films – there are many tax deductions and financial incentives for film sets going green
  • Reduce the use of paper with digital resources such as TAG’s Travel App

For further information, or to discuss how to start your journey to becoming more sustainable, please contact:
Alli Pratt – [email protected]
Marnie Costantini – [email protected]