/News 28.09.23

TAG x Crystalbrook Collection: Building on Client & Supplier Partnerships in the World of Production

TAG understands the importance of creating genuine partnerships between their clients and suppliers – and the travel management company constantly strives to provide opportunities to form those relationships.

Just a few weeks ago an opportunity to build rapport between TAG’s clients and suppliers was made possible by their valued partner, Crystalbrook Collection Hotels and Resorts.

The generous supplier invited TAG to bring some of their clients to Cairns to showcase their three beautiful Cairns properties – Flynn, Riley and Bailey – and showcase the production possibilities of the region.

Photo courtesy Crystalbrook Collection

Managing Director of TAG APAC, Shane Barr, and Director of Production APAC, Alli Pratt, hosted several influential clients for the event, including Producers, Line Producers and Locations Scouts who have worked extensively in Australia for both international and local productions, and for two days and nights, attendees were treated to delicious dinners, fine wine, mouthwatering breakfasts and breathtaking views across the Cairns Harbour.

In recent years, Cairns has become a popular filming location – from its gorgeous reef to its lively jungle – and with the new Cairns arm of Screen Queensland Studios opening in 2024, it is easy to see why.

Photo courtesy Crystalbrook Collection

Not only did Crystalbrook’s stunning properties show TAG and their clients why they are the premier accommodation choices for Cairns and Far North Queensland (FNQLD), but their team went above and beyond for the occasion, showing off fabulous locations and memorable facilities for productions – including offering a tour of the studio build for Screen Queensland Studios. Mark Melrose from Screen Queensland Studios conducted a full walkthrough for every one of the new studios, scheduled to open in February of 2024.

The new studio complex will house a sound stage and support facilities, including onsite production offices. The 6500 square metre site is located five minutes from the Central Business District (CBD) and all three Crystalbrook properties.

Cairns Studios Hard Hat tour from L-R Mark Melrose, Andrew Thomas, Alli Pratt, Peta Ross, Karlene Meenahan, Karen Jones, Shane Barr, Georgie Marquis, Amanda Browne & Donnita Maher

On top of the fantastic opportunities to explore the Crystalbrook hotels and tour the studio build for Screen Queensland Studios, attendees were also introduced to local film practitioners who are involved in location scouting, as well as local council members responsible for filming permits in Cairns and Port Douglas.

This experience resulted in attendees wrapping up the weekend with fond memories, stronger partnerships, and a tool kit of knowledge for their next project in Far North Queensland.