/News 01.02.18


It is a good story. A story you don’t hear every day.  A boy from Brisbane, an Australian bagpipe champion, 2017 Chef of the Year awarded by the Food & Wine Society, and generous charity giver, transforms humble music freight business over a 30-year journey into Australia’s number one production and entertainment travel and freight provider.

His nickname was ‘Grumpy’, only to his friends, his foes may have thought it but never brave enough to say it to his face. Despite his occasional gruff exterior, he was a deeply caring and thoughtful soul.

Graham Fear guided, supported and cared for staff. He believed in them, backed them to share his vision about service and getting the job done. He encouraged us to seek the best solutions for clients’ logistics, budget and the situation. A man of honour and great integrity, “If we promise something then we do it”. He would often say, “We don’t go back on our word”.

I remember my first day with Showfilm. Standing in the middle of Graham Fear’s corner office surrounded by a lifetime of entertainment memorabilia, famous people photos, awards and charity work certificates that could wallpaper a small house. To Graham, it was just symbols of service excellence, a life of doing the right thing by, and for, people. To me it felt like intimidation 101, I was not worthy. He rose from his desk, I felt like kneeling and bowing my head, he smiled shook my hand and said, “Welcome to the family”. I realised then that Showfilm is a family. We care for each other, we laugh, we don’t always agree, but we resolve differences and work hard together. We always do the right thing by clients, each other and we get the job done.

Fear by name and fearless by nature, he was the professional patriarch of a dedicated team passionate about production travel. He was there to assist, support and encourage greatness. We all appreciated and respected his journey, the travelling man who built a successful business, during some challenging times, and fought off the challengers.

Graham was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for significant services to the community through support for a range of clinical music therapy, social welfare, and children’s charities. He worked tirelessly to raise money for children’s causes. He fed the poor and raised awareness for those not strong enough to speak up, or who couldn’t find anyone to listen.

Now more than ever his achievements, his dedication to production travel and his legacy lives on. Graham imparted his spirit for success and service to us all, and we will continue to honour him as we work to remain the best and to seek ways to be even better.

Thank you to everyone for your kind, caring and loving words following Graham’s passing. It meant the world to his two families, the one he was born with and the one he forged an amazing career with.

Nick Smith
Head of Showfilm