/News 29.06.20


Screenwest acknowledges the Western Australian Screen Industry’s contribution to culture, community and the economy of Western Australia with their announcement of the Western Australian Screen Fund.

The Hon David Templeman MLA, Minister for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and Hon Alannah MacTiernan MLC, Minister for Regional Development announced the Screenwest administered fund which commits AU$16 million over four years to the Western Australian industry.

Dirt Music. Produced by Aquarius Films. Pictured Kelly McDonald and Garret Hedlund. Photography by David Dare Parker.

The  Western Australian Regional Film Fund (WARFF) was a resounding success and a key contributor to a boom in production in Western Australia. In the 2018-19 financial year, the State Government’s investment in the screen industry through Screenwest contributed over AU$40 million dollars of contracted qualifying Western Australian expenditure. The WARFF delivered strong growth to the WA industry and the production of a slate of world-class films and TV series which have had a national and international impact. These include Mystery Road series one and two, feature film H is for Happiness, children’s series Itch and upcoming feature films Rams and Dirt Music.

Mystery Road Series 2. Produced by Bunya Productions.

Board Chair of Screenwest John Driscoll said, “This is a fantastic result for the Western Australian Screen industry, and we thank Minister MacTiernan and Minister Templeman and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development for their commitment to the WA screen industry. We know this investment will spur the production of some fantastic screen projects and stimulate of economies within the state.”

CEO of Screenwest Willie Rowe explained, “The evolution of the Western Australian Screen Fund will provide the WA screen industry with stability at this time and a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop into the future. We also acknowledge and appreciate the Western Australian State Government’s additional measures to support the arts and cultural industries in Western Australia. This is a vital sector within the state, which delivers significant economic and community benefit.”

Head of Strategic Projects and Screen Investment Matt Horrocks added, “This is a terrific result for the Western Australian screen industry. It will create sustained employment, economic outcomes for the regions and the expansion of the program to cover post-production and visual effects is an exceptional development opportunity for the sector.”

For more information regarding the Western Australian Regional Film Fund in its current form, please visit Screenwest.

Featured Image: H is for Happiness. Produced by Cyan Pictures and the Koop. Candice and Douglas hold hands while looking out to the ocean. Albany Western Australia. Photography by Bonnie Elliot ACS