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The Great Southern Region is the largest and one of the most diverse landscapes within the south of Western Australia (WA).

Located four to five hours drive or just a 45 minute flight south-east of WA’s capital Perth, a plethora of stunning filming locations and welcoming communities await!

From unspoilt coastlines, charming seaside towns, sprawling agricultural lands and forested national parks with rare flora and fauna, the Great Southern Region truly has something to offer projects of all themes, shapes and sizes.

With quirky towns scattered with Victorian Free Classical and 1800s British architecture, the Great Southern hosts some old-world buildings just awaiting a camera to capture them!

The seaside town of Albany is an exquisite location with friendly locals and a council who embrace and welcome screen production filming in the area. Albany has recently hosted two major productions, children’s television series ITCH and feature film H is for Happiness. The communities are experienced in supporting medium-scale screen productions. Albany is also the Great Southern’s largest city, so it is supported with good transport, accommodation, hardware stores and restaurants.

H is for Happiness: Candis watches the miniature horse as it eats an apple. Albany, Western Australia. Photo by David Dare Parker.

Talking about his experience of filming recent feature H is for Happiness in Albany, Director John Sheedy explained:

What I love about Albany is that it has a sense of old-world charm in its architecture, in its landscape. It has quirky hills and boulders, a beautiful bay, and for me, I could be anywhere in the world… Cinematically it is elevated and no matter where you are, you are going to be able to frame something beautifully no matter where you turn the camera in this landscape, in this town.

Director John Sheedy, H is for Happiness
Director John Sheedy with DOP Bonnie Elliott, H is for Happiness – Photo by David Dare Parker

Mount Barker is home to rambling farmlands and wide-open spaces, perfectly framed by mountain ranges. Feature film Rams starring Sam Neil and Michael Caton shot predominantly in Mount Barker and is due for release in cinemas in Australia on 28 May, 2020.

The Great Southern boasts a number of ancient forests in a private pocket of Western Australia, many of which are previously unseen locations in film. They present the perfect setting for other-worldly or sci-fi genre projects or those requiring lush green locale and towering trees. The Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the most unique biospheres in the world with nearly twenty native flora and fauna species unique to the area.

Denmark Treetop Walk. Photo by Nic Duncan

Denmark was home to feature film Breath starring Simon Baker, which featured rugged coastline, crystal blue surf and spectacular beaches with pure white sand.

Ocean Beach, Denmark. Photo by Ian Brodie
Little Beach WA. Photo by Ian Brodie

I really had very little idea of what to expect here in the Great Southern and have gotten to explore every nook and cranny between Albany in one direction and Walpole in the other direction, and Mad Fish Bay, and Elephant Rocks, and Greens Pool… We’ve all, I think, been able to take full advantage of all this place has to offer and we will all not be forgetting it any time soon.

Tom Williams, Executive Producer of Breath.
Elephant Rocks, Williams Bay National Park, Denmark (www.margaretriver.com)

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