/News 23.07.21


There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has turned into a bit of a blockbuster event, with several sequels worldwide. Drama? Stage and Screen Travel have seen it all.

As the vaccination rollout gains momentum around the planet, businesses such as yours are looking to return to your main act, with risk management as your supporting role whether you are on the screen or behind the scenes.

Working closely with your travel management company enables you to return to centre stage, adapt to an ever-changing travel landscape, and establish an approach that helps monitor, assess, and respond to critical incidents which needed.

“Success will only be achieved if there is collaboration across the industry and with governments. We’ll follow any and all advancements closely to continue to support our travellers and customers. Confidence will no doubt increase as rigorous guidelines and protocols around vaccines come in. This gives the industry a much needed shot in the arm.”

Adam Moon, General Manager Australia, Stage & Screen

A strong travel management company will ensure you and your cast of travellers are equipped with:

  • An interactive safety and risk dashboard
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • A global network of trusted partners
  • A streamlined approvals process
  • Flexible, 24-hour support

Stage and Screen helps businesses monitor and respond to critical incidents worldwide, supporting their organisation’s Duty of Care requirements and giving travellers the confidence to hit the road (and the small and big stage and arena) again.

Spotlight on Safety and Risk
Check out Stage and Screen’s latest white paper below to learn more about how Stage & Screen are making a complex travel landscape simple again.

Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Stage and Screen.