Screen Tasmania

Screen Tasmania provides grants and equity investments for the development and production of screen projects in Tasmania including web series, drama, documentaries, feature films, TV series and games.
Ausfilm Member since 2020

Screen Tasmania offers a range of services to the screen industry, such as:

  • grants and equity investments in the development and production of screen projects, including drama, documentaries, feature films, short-form and long-form series, and games
  • professional and industry development support for Tasmanian practitioners.


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Production Investment Manager
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Pro-rata equity investment, subject to application and assessment, and the availability of funds.

Non-Tasmanian production companies may apply for production investment, however are encouraged to form a genuine partnership with a Tasmanian resident company, as projects involving Tasmanian production companies will be favoured over others.

Screen Tasmania can also assist with referrals to crew, accommodation, equipment, catering and most importantly, local knowledge.


Eligibility is considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the engagement of resident Tasmanian screen practitioners, and/or the creation of infrastructure and supplementary employment.

The amount of funds invested is usually determined by the amount of eligible Tasmanian expenditure within the State. The primary criterion for assessment is the extent to which production investment provides economic benefits, job creation and career development for Tasmanian cast and crew.


Financial support is provided as a grant at the rate of 10% of the expenditure on Tasmanian goods and services while producing a project, capped at AUD$500,000 (excluding GST).

This program is designed to attract non-Tasmanian screen productions to film in the state. It encourages expenditure in the local economy, drives employment and skills development, while highlighting the Tasmanian landscape which is becoming more recognisable  to the rest of the world. The program has been designed to provide applicants with a simple and secure incentive with minimal red tape.


To be eligible projects must meet the following criteria:

  • be a live action screen production;
  • be either factual (including documentary and reality) or scripted;
  • be a feature film (60-minute minimum) or a series with at least 30-minute episodes;
  • expend at least AUD$1.5 million as Tasmanian spend;
  • be substantially based in Tasmania (i.e. minimum 10 days’ filming); and
    have marketplace attachment to secure public release.

Projects must not be:

  • advertising or substantially brandfunded;
  • entirely animated;
  • corporate; or
  • purely educative.

The applicant and production must also demonstrate a commitment to training Tasmanian screen practitioners by factoring placements for attachments in their budget. These opportunities can be for entry-level crew or promote local practitioners to a  higher level than they would have otherwise worked. These opportunities will be at the production’s expense and arranged in consultation with Screen Tasmania for approval.

  • Bay of Fires
  • Little Jay & Big Cuz
  • The Platypus Guardian
  • The Survival of Kindness
  • Aussie Lobster Men S1-S4
  • Franklin
  • Rosehaven S1-S5
  • Left off the Map
  • Turning the Tide
  • The Weeping Tree
  • The Tailings
  • Wild Things