Myriad Studios

LiDAR, Cyber Scan and Photogrammetry. Myriad Studios works at the leading edge of film and gaming technology, customising VFX hardware and solutions for Productions. Using LiDAR, Cyber Scanning, Photogrammetry, Texturing and VR/AR, the team create in-house, high-resolution 3D digital doubles, simulations and immersive environments.
Ausfilm Member since 2022

Myriad’s work is used at every stage of the pipeline from pre-visualisation and virtual production through to post-production, digital replication and extension.

Myriad’s offices and Cyber Scanning Booth is situated within the secure environment of Village Roadshow Studios Gold Coast, providing on-site VFX support and scanning 24/7. Simultaneously, our team and equipment have the flexibility to travel and service productions interstate and internationally.

Myriad’s clients include Netflix, Marvel Studios, Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures.



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+61 408 178 305

  • Thirteen Lives 
  • Ticket to Paradise 
  • Spiderhead 
  • The Portable Door
  • The Pope’s Exorcist
  • True Spirit
  • La Brea